SciFi AMMAnet

10 o’clock PM...11 o’clock PM… 12 o’clock PM… … … …

4 o'clock AM!

Kristin has now gotten into the depths of the internet. Hours and hours of sitting and staring at the computer computer screen, she finds herself more confused about her science project than she did in the beginning of her search. She throws her work on the ground and heads to bed.

Tossing and turning all night she can’t help but to keep thinking about how everything she encountered on the internet was the opposite of what her own research had concluded.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. 7 o’clock AM

Her alarm blares. She hits the silent button and throws her sheets off. She gets ready in 10 minutes. Runs through the kitchen picks up her breakfast sandwich from the counter and speed walks to class.

*Slams the door when she enters*

“How could it still be argued that vaping does not cause cancer when we know that tobacco does and all the evidence suggests so?” she frustratedly yells to her professor.

Dr. Long grins and looks up at frasseled Kristin and says “Have you been looking at the internet again? You know that you can not believe all that you read. The truths that you are looking for are in both your experiences and what you find on the Net.”

“Well... but then why are your opinions not on the Net? I know you also believe that vaping causes cancer. But how come I don’t find that on the internet?”

“Because I am not in the public sector or a military commander. I am a teacher at this private school. I cannot get published on the internet.”

“I don’t understand. We are supposed to be able to trust this technology completely, yet the military and government have complete control of it. I feel like I am only getting one side of the truth. I’m going to get to the bottom of this.”

“If that is how you feel, I think you are researching the wrong project.”

Kristin sighs and leaves Dr. Long’s office. This question preoccupied her for the rest of the day. Immediately when she got home she collapsed onto her bed. After staring at the ceiling for about an hour she got her ‘ah-ha’ moment. She perked up and almost yelled

“AMMA-NET! The Anti-Military Monopoly Net!”

She got out a pen and paper and started making flyers:

You’re receiving this because I need your help. But I need all of you to keep this secret don’t tell ANYONE about this flyer. Meet me on Thursday under the bleachers at 6 o’clock PM. I really need everyone's help so thank you I’ll explain more when we meet on Thursday! Best, Kristin

She feared that if the government found out about her distrust of the truth of the information on the internet they might come after her so she took every precaution to not show her suspicions through her internet use and intentionally made her flyers with pens and paper so there would be no traces.

The next day she folded up the notes and distributed them discreetly to her closest friends about the meeting. Later, on Thursday she told all her friends her suspicions. To her disappointment more than half of them left thinking she was absurd for thinking she could change a system that has been working since before they were all born. However, six of her bravest friends stayed and supported her. They even took turns sharing their own suspicions.


Each Thursday they met under the football bleachers to figure out their plan of action. At meeting 1 they agreed upon their goal: to make the public aware that the military and government were feeding the public false information that was beneficial to industries. They wanted to make people take off their rose colored glasses of the perfect and trusting society that they lived in and accept the reality that the institutions that they trusted so much were the same institutions that were lying to them.


At meeting 2 Kristin brought the idea to the group that if they were able to sneak into the Pentagon, where all information on the internet was stored, they could send out a message to every user on the internet about the lies that the government was feeding them.


Meeting 3 consisted of building a game plan. They brought blueprints of the Pentagon and assigned roles. Andy would make a fake ID and Arun would drive them into the Pentagon’s facility that was gated and guarded 24/7. Melissa was in charge of distracting the guards by lying that she was urgently in need of her father who worked in the Pentagon. Kristin, the smallest of the group, would enter the building while the guards were distracted and use the air vent system to get to the main server. Meanwhile, Grey and Sky (the tech masterminds) would hack the security cameras and be in constant communication with Kristin letting her know where to go and what was safe to do.


Meeting 4 was for the final touches. They were to draft the message that would be sent out to the public. This was perhaps the most difficult part of the whole mission. Even if the AMMA-Net team was able to get to the server and send out a message this message would have to convince a majority of the public and convince them to privatize the Internet. They gathered loads and loads of data and information which took weeks. They included everything from Kristin’s original work of vaping causing cancer to the facts of climate change to the moon landing being real.

On Thursday, December 4th they did not meet under bleachers. Instead, they confidently set upon their mission and were off to raid the Pentagon. All in the name of giving the public the truth and convincing internet users to privatize and create AMMA-Net.


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